Lethbridge Festival of Nativities​​
          Who We Are

Our Goal

Christmas is a magical time of year. Snow covers the coulees, Christmas lights go up all over town, but sometimes the hustle and bustle of the season can drown out  the beauty and simplicity of what the season truly stands for. We hold the annual Festival of Nativities to remind us of the Light behind the lights​, the Gift behind the gifts, and the Christ child behind Christmas.​​​ The main feature of our festival is the privately owned nativity scenes from all around the world displayed among handmade decorations. We thank those who so graciously volunteer thier Creches to our annual display, without their generosity we would be unable to hold The Festival of Nativities. To compliment and enhance the spirit of the manger scenes, local musiciains volunteer their talents and provide live background music. We feel their contributions are equally important. The spirit of peace and joy these musicians conjure seemingly from thin air add greatly to our display. We hope all of our efforts create an environment where you can feel the Spirit of Christ in Christmas. 

​Our Team

​Our Team is entirely composed of local volunteers. Over the weeks before and after the display we council together to make sure we are offering the best experience we can to each vistor who walks through our doors. The cultural hall is transformed over night from a gymnasium to our own, local Bethlehem through the efforts of our wonderful volunteers who collect and or create each decoration themselves. A fun, family friendly interactive room comes together seamlessly so children, along with their parents, can unite together to internalize the spirit of Christmas. Concerts are organized to display local musicians who wish to share their talents with the community. All of this and more is accomplished solely through the efforts of amazing men and women who share their time, talents and abilities, working as one to create an experience not easily forgotten. We wish to thank them for all they do year round.