Lethbridge Festival of Nativities​​

          Our Display

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What You Will See
We display Creches from all over the world. Some are exotic and inticate, while others are quite simple. Each is displayed amongst our own decorations that bring to mind not only the birth, but the life of our Saviour Jesus Christ.
What You Will Hear
We are lucky enough to have several local musicians volunteer their talents and provide live music to compliment each Nativity and enhance the spirt of Christ. As well we have three live concerts. Friday the 15th at 7pm and Saturday the 16th at 2pm and 7pm
Where You Can Find Us.
What You Will Feel
As usual you can find our indoor display at 2410 28th st S, Lethbridge Alberta. Our 2017 display will be open Thursday December 14th through Sunday December 17th. Our 2017 hours of operation and our live concerts will be as follows:
     Thursday, December 14th: 1pm-9pm
     Friday, December 15th: 1pm-9pm (with a concert at 7pm)
     Saturday, December 16th: 11am-9pm (with a concert at 2pm and 7pm)
     Sunday, December 17th 2pm-8pm

Our goal each and every year is to help the Spirit of Christ in Christmas to be revealed. We hope our display brings the peace, joy and comfort only the Saviour and Redeemer of the world can bring into the heart of all those who visit.

What Else You Will Find

Our Interactive Family Room
Our interactive family room is designed for parents and children to enjoy together. We provide puzzles, colouring pages and other fun activities. As well you will find costumes you can use to dress up and create your own family nativity scene. We encourage families to take pictures and make memories together.

​Our Live Community Concerts

Each year we host free community concerts featuring vocal and instrumental talent from all over Southern Alberta. We are proud to showcase these musicians and are always so happy to see such a great turn out at each of these concerts. For the 2017 Festival of Nativities we will hold three of these musical events. Friday Decemeber 15th 2017 will have a concert 7pm and Saturday December 16th 2017 will see one at 2pm and again at 7pm. Seating is limited and goes quickly so we suggest arriving 30 minutes before the concert begins if you wish to enjoy it in the chapel, however doors will remain open for those who are either unable to enjoy the concert in its entirety or who may show up after its commencment. Our Concerts generally last one hour and can be heard while enjoying other aspects of our display. 
Our Video Display​​
Our video display is meant to provide a location for each of our visitors to reflect on the thoughts, feelings and impressions they have recieved while preparing themselves for Christmas. whether you take it in before or after viewing the nativities the short videos will leave a lasting impression on your heart.
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